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scotland scotland "Oh lovely 😁 Worth The Trip. Start with the bartender,Julie, warm and friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.if you're lucky she'll be on shift when you go. . Tatty Egg, just do it, trust me on this one. Sausage Roll was delightful and perfectly cooked. House made sausages for the bangers and mash were wonderful. Every British Pub should have a dedicated in house sausage maker! The mash was chunky, which was very enjoyable and delicious. Guinness Short Rib pie was outstanding, not a traditional pastry crust pie, but not complaining about a puff pastry top, it's delicious and you can actually taste the Guinness in the filling. I knew from other reviews that the mushy peas would be served cold. They are delicious and would actually be even better if served hot This isn't a complaint, but a suggestion. If you heat the plates prior to plating it would actually help keep hot food hot. That said, this is definitely my go to local pub. ." "Just incredible! We love this place. It is the coolest Pub on this side of the Atlantic. Incredibly welcoming place with a cozy and delicious vibe! Can't go wrong with any menu item. Try the Tim Curry." "The food and decor were great. My only complaint is that the self-serve water option had very small glasses that we had to refill frequently. How about letting people bring pitchers to their tables, or at least provide bigger glasses?" "Amazing gem in Coeur d'Alene! The best bangers and mash this side of the ocean, I swear. Their fish and chips were also great and their beer selection was good. Would visit for a third time if we could!"

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Love our bangers? Our resident wurstmeister Benjamin makes all of our sausages by hand, in-house, from his own recipes. Ask about our rotating selection, seasonal favorites, and take-home options.



TONIGHT! Join us from 6 to 8 for some amazing live music from local Celtic band Deep Roots. Nothing like some good music, warm food, and cold beer to celebrate an Autumn night!

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Tonight at 7. IT'S WEEK 69! #pubquiz #crownandthistlepub #downtowncda #triviatuesday #trivia #thinkanddrink #drinkgoodbeer #supportlocal

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